DUI – Driving Under the Influence



One of the most common cases we see in Florida are DUI cases. If you or a loved one has been charged and arrested for driving under the influence, call The Law Offices of Russell McCormick in Jacksonville, FL, for a DUI defense attorney. We’ll use all of our extensive experience to craft a defense for you and your case so that you have the best chance to escape penalties and fines.

Benefits of Hiring a DUI Defense Lawyer

When you hire one of our professional DUI defense attorneys, you gain professional representation. Some of the legal repercussions after a DUI can be serious, depending on how many times you’ve been charged before. You could lose your driver’s license, face fines, and even face imprisonment.
While no one can promise complete dismissal of the charges, our goal is to try and minimize these penalties to the best of our abilities. And from the date of arrest, you have only 10 days to challenge license suspension, so hire us as soon as you get charged. With our experience, you can be confident that we’ll find all of the possible ways to help you. We have over five years in the industry, and our lawyers know how to help you. Our job is to try and obtain the best possible outcome for you.

Benefits of Hiring Us

The experienced team of lawyers at The Law Offices of Russell McCormick will diligently explore and challenge every aspect of your DUI case, from the very beginning to the trial, if that’s what needs to be done. We offer 24/7 services because we know that you may need legal help at any time. When you call us for DUI defense services, we’ll give you a free initial consultation. Call us at (904) 353-0436 to start a strong defense for your DUI case.


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