Criminal Defense Lawyer in Jacksonville, FL

When you get accused of a crime, your life can be thrown into turmoil. You don’t have to try and handle this unexpected circumstance yourself. You can hire a professional criminal defense attorney from The Law Offices of Russell McCormick to help you defend yourself. If you live in Jacksonville, FL, or the surrounding area, call one of our professionals as soon as you can.

Our Criminal Defense Services

If you’ve been charged with a crime, or if you’ve been arrested, call us for the help of a criminal defense lawyer. In Florida, to be convicted, the evidence against you needs to show you were the culprit beyond a reasonable doubt. Probable cause is all that’s required to arrest you, but beyond a reasonable doubt is much harder to prove, especially if one of our lawyers helps you strengthen your case.

If you’re already in jail, we can help file a Motion to Reduce Bond in order to get you out so that you can get back your family, job, or whatever obligations you may have. As long as you have a family, employment, or ties to the community, and you’re not a danger to the community, you have a high chance of getting out of jail.

We’re extremely experienced in criminal law, and we can help build a strong defense for your case. No one can guarantee that your case will be dismissed, but we can promise that we’ll work our hardest to get you out of jail and fight the evidence against you. When you hire a criminal defense attorney from us, you hire the best defense around.

Our Company and History

The Law Offices of Russell McCormick has been around since 2013, and we have experience discovering and exploiting weaknesses in criminal cases. We are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week because our goal is to always be available for you. We offer a free initial consultation and payment plans so that everyone can afford our professional services.

Call us today for a consultation at (904) 353-0436 for criminal defense services.

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