white Collar Offenses


From Defrauding a Financial Institution, to Schemes to Defraud, to Employee Theft, we have successfully represented dozens of clients facing long prison sentences and achieved results from dismissal to probationary sentences.

The Florida Legislature has taken a firm stance on white collar offenses by making many offenses in this category punishable by up to 15 years in prison.

A component that is overlooked by many attorneys is that in order for the State to succeed with this type of charge they must be able to prove intentional fraud. You need an attorney that knows the law, from statute to the current controlling opinions issued by the District Courts of Appeal and the Supreme Court, and is experienced in assessing the facts.

The consequences of offenses in this category range from financial ruin and extreme difficulty securing employment to long prison sentences followed by lengthy probation.

Remember that often times the State is continuing its investigation even after your arrest. Put Russell McCormick to work protecting your future now. 904-353-0436 .


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