Weapons Offenses



The Florida legislature has introduced very strict penalties for weapons offenses. Misdemeanor assault or battery charges are instantly enhanced to felonies if the accused used a weapon. The enhancements are even more extreme if the accused was in possession of or used a firearm. 10-20-Life The Florida legislature has made popular the “10-20-Life” gun laws. If you or a loved one is accused of committing a felony with a firearm the law mandates a 10 year minimum-mandatory prison sentence. If one is accused of firing the gun during the commission of a felony the law mandates a 20 year minimum-mandatory prison sentence. And if another person is shot during the commission of a felony the penalty jumps to 25 years up to life in prison.
There is also a minimum mandatory sentence of 3 years in prison if accused of assaulting (threatening) another with a firearm. With such strict penalties mandated by law and zealously enforced and prosecuted you need an experienced Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney on your side. Russell B. McCormick has handled numerous gun cases from investigation through trial. Call 904-353-0436 now.


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