Theft Offenses


There is a general misconception among many people I speak with who believe that because the item/object was returned to its original place a theft was not committed. This is incorrect. The Florida statute on this matter, 812.014, was written in such a way that if an item or object was removed even temporarily, a theft could have been committed. The State would then have to prove that the item was taken or removed knowingly and with the intent to take it from someone.

That said, a person accused of any degree of theft can benefit greatly from the knowledge and experience of an experienced Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney who will hold prosecutors to their burden, to prove EVERY element beyond a reasonable doubt. Due to the very serious and lifelong consequences a conviction for any type of theft can have on one’s ability to pursue education, find quality employment, or obtain loans/financing, it is a good idea to consult with Russell B. McCormick, a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney. Call now 904.353.0436.


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