Tickets! We all get them. We’re here to help you get results.

Two things are certain: 1) Getting pulled over sucks, and 2) Time flies. Oftentimes so much unhappiness follows your traffic stop that you balled that ticket up and threw it in the back seat or maybe out the window. And now that 30 day period to pay the ticket or hire an attorney to take care of it passed. Now the clerk of court in the county where you got the ticket assessed you a “late fee” of $23 dollars or $30 dollars or however many dollars they arbitrarily decide AND they have also issued a “D6” suspension. Now your ticket is more expensive than the price on the ticket and depending on how much time has passed your license could also be suspended which may require an additional reinstatement fee.

MY ADVICE: call me WHEN you get the ticket.

I don’t care if you throw it away. That may make you feel better for the time being. But let me handle your ticket, help you avoid the late fee, the suspension, and the reinstatement fee. You’ll thank me later. I promise. Call me know: (904) 353-0436 or start your free case evaluation online.

What to know the status of your driver’s license?

Want to know if your drivers license has been suspended? Simply click here.


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