JSO-Police-Car-McCormick-Criminal-Defense-AttornyEver been told not to warn oncoming traffic of a speed trap using your headlights?? Most everyone has. And most jurisdictions and municipalities have a traffic ordinance on the books that makes it a violation of local law to use your head lights to warn of a speed trap.

Those laws in every jurisdiction may be coming down.

A federal judge in Missouri ruled February 3rd that the Ellisville, Missouri police can no longer pull over, detain, or cite drivers who are thought to have used their headlights to communicate to other drivers a speed trap nearby. The judge would go on to explain that pulling drivers over for such conduct is an infringement on the 1st Amendment right to Freedom of Speech.

What does it mean for you?? If you are cited for using your headlights to warn other drivers don’t plead guilty by paying the ticket!! Call Russell to keep police from infringing on your 1st Amendment right to Free Speech!!

Read the opinion here:


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