Drug Offenses or Narcotic Offenses

Drug Offenses or Narcotic Offenses

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office has entire units dedicated solely to pursuit, discovery, arrest, and prosecution of drug offenses. From undercover officers, to K9’s, to coordinated “stings” or “buy busts” using confidential informants wearing cameras, local law enforcement is committed to cracking down on drugs and narcotics with a heavy hand.

While the sheriff’s offices have additional officers to pursue drug offenses, the minimum mandatory sentences that are now part of many drug statutes are the most devastating. With 3, 15, and 25 year minimum-mandatory sentences and $50,000 to $100,000 in mandatory fines, you cant afford to gamble with your liberty and your long term financial well being.

With law enforcement and prosecutors having such an aggressive posture on drugs, you need an equally aggressive and experienced Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney in your corner. Russell B. McCormick is committed to the aggressive defense and protection of your rights. Call 904.353.0436 now to learn what options you have.


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