Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

By definition domestic violence includes those incidents between family or household members or between parties involved in a romantic or intimate relationship. Where there is family, or where there is a significant romantic relationship, there is passion, and where there is passion disputes can escalate and intensify. From his time in the Special Assault Division with the State Attorney’s Office, Russell B. McCormick knows that it is before, during, and after these emotionally charged disputes that judgment and decision making may falter.

Having handled hundreds of cases involving a domestic element, Russell B. McCormick knows that the relationships that underlie these disputes can cloud the thinking of all parties involved. The nature of the relationship can lead to amplified arguments and an exaggerated or sometimes false report to the police. Oftentimes such reports are made when an accuser is:

  • Jealous, or
  • Upset about support, alimony, or child custody

Because prosecutors rely on the police report and the account of the alleged victim when making their filing decision, it is very important to present conflicting evidence and the accuser’s motive to the prosecutor as soon as possible. As it is ALWAYS easier to persuade a prosecutor not to file charges due to conflicting evidence than it is to persuade them to drop charges they already filed. Call 904.353.0436 now.


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