After a diligent search for an attorney, and facing a maximum sentence of 10 years in Florida State Prison as a Habitual Felony Offender and a mandatory minimum sentence of 20 months Florida State Prison, K.R. turned to the Law Office of Russell B. McCormick.

Shortly after being retained to represent K.R., investigation began and depositions were scheduled. During the investigation of the Burglary that K.R. that was accused of Russell McCormick discovered flaws, inconsistencies, and doubt. Issues with timing, lighting, distance, and predisposition of a key witness were exposed and presented cause for concern for the prosecutor and more importantly leverage for K.R.

On 9/6/13, K.R. used the leverage to settle for 7 months county jail in lieu of trial because it was in his best interest to guarantee release for important family events this fall.

Your freedom may be your most valuable privilege. Who you choose to defend your freedom may be your most important decision. Choose wisely.


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