Best attorney in Jax!

Posted by Nick March 13, 2018

There’s very few people I can say I trust to have my back and I must say Russell definitely did, I had a DUI with refusal to blow which in any other circumstances would have cost me driving privileges for a year. Thanks to Russell I was able to get the case dismissed and move forward with my life. A friend of a friend is a judge at the Duval county court house and when mentioned Russell’s name said this guy is a true titan in criminal defense. I wish I could give 10 stars!

Honest man

Posted by Abraham March 9, 2018

I hired mr McCormick,when I first met him I was sure he knew what had to be done . He seemed very knowledgeable and confident which which I choose him to represent me .When all said and done I got the results I wanted.I highly recommend him.

Speeding Ticket Case

Posted by Katie March 5, 2018

I had a great experience with Russell McCormick’s services. I received a speeding ticket and less than a week later, Russell had a court date prepared for my case. Russell was very quick and attentive, I would highly recommend his services for anything you may need.

Trustworthy, Professional, Knowledgeable

Posted by Anonymous February 6, 2018

Mr. McCormick did an AWESOME job in represenring my son. As a parent, I was nervous, emotional and confused. I had spoken to many attorney’s and after meeting with Mr. McCormick, I knew he waa the one. He was understanding of my feelings, yet he was honest in presenring me with the legal pro’s and con’s and never waivered. He met wirh me when asked and answered my calls in a respecful time frame. I would definitely refer anyone to Mr McCormick IF you are seeking one who is knowledgeable, trustworthy and legally working hard for YOUR BENEFIT. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Great Lawyer

Posted by Daniel January 5, 2018

I contacted Russel about my situation. He was very professional. I was worry free about my case and he handled everything perfectly. He is definitely my new family lawyer.

Great Attorney 5.0 stars

Posted by Lisa October 16, 2017

Russell was a great attorney who took the time to listen to my specific needs. He handled my legal needs with expertise…

I highly recommend him to anyone.


Life saver 5.0 stars

Posted by Abdulaziz August 29, 2017

He is the best in every way. We were able to have all the charges against me dismissed. He was aggressive in reaching the best outcome for me and he did it at a cost no one would have considered. I can’t think of anyone else I would have trusted to deal with my criminal charges (DWI, possession and refusal to submit to drug screening). I will always be grateful for his due diligence and perseverance to get all three charges dismissed. Thank you!


Excellence Service ” Highly Recommended ” 5.0 stars

Posted by Michael May 18, 2017

First off I will like to Thank Mr Russell on beating my case. I spoken to a few attorneys in Jacksonville, Fl prior to finding Mr Russell and was told Due to the severity of my charges (CCW etc.) that I was looking at probation ,large fine or even jail time. I just knew everything was over for me . Wasn’t going to be able to receive a good job due to the fact I would have been a convicted felon, probably wouldn’t even have been able to my see my kids due to the fact of being incarcerated but Thanks to Mr Russell those thoughts are over . I feel like I have a 2nd chance at life again. Mr Russell ALWAYS return phone calls and emails this one Lawyer that you never have to second guess, He’s the best trust me and I’m one of those people that really don’t trust a lot of people definitely when it’s involving my freedom.


Best Lawyer in Jacksonville 5.0 stars

Posted by anonymous May 17, 2017

Russell took on my case for violating probation, it looked like I was going to have to spend a minimum of 6 months in jail. However Russell handled the case very professionally and confidently, keeping me updated every time anything happened. He closed negotiated with the judge to get only some court costs


Exceeded expectations 5.0 stars

Posted by anonymous January 4, 2017

Mr.McCormick was TERRIFIC and exceeded my expectations in every aspect of my case. He went above and beyond to get the best result I could have ever imagined and truly cared about getting me the best outcome. He always stayed in touch and worked with me with payments when I had a rough time. I would recommend him to ANYONE who is looking for a lawyer to go above and beyond for them.


The best attorney in Jacksonville. 5.0 stars

Posted by Ashton November 15, 2016

This is the best attorney I’ve ever used. He has won every case I’ve ever hired him for. He’s honest, hard working and very intelligent.


Best Attny in Jacksonville FL By Far! 5.0 stars

Posted by C. Denise July 15, 2016

Very professional and thorough with his clients and their cases. Bond went from $250,000 to $0 with Mr. McCormick on the case!


Dedicated, experienced, and will work hard for you – got my case dismissed! 5.0 stars

Posted by Diana July 11, 2016

Russ is great – he helped me deal with a first time DUI, the first time I’d ever been in any trouble with the law. I was panicked and confused (not to mention clueless about the Florida laws) and he helped me from day 1 before I had even paid him. He advised me on immediately obtaining a business purpose license so I didn’t go without driving at all, and worked his experience and expertise to examine all the factors / evidence and eventually get my case dismissed. I would have paid hundreds or thousands more had I plead on my own, and likely would have ended up on probation. He will also work with you on a payment plan if your budget is tight, which was especially good for me. He will explore every aspect of your case to ensure you don’t get taken advantage of by the courts, and he definitely saved me months of hassle and a ton of money (had I been convicted). He’s also very personable and easy to talk to. Definitely recommend; he’ll have your back!


Great job 5.0 stars

Posted by Derek February 25, 2016

Im proud to say he has been the best lawyer we have ever had. He actually tries and its not all about the money with him. He is honest and easy to talk to. Thank you so much for your services and i recommend everybody to give you a thought before they go anywhere else. Its been a pleasure.


We went to trial for DUI and the man was a beast! 5.0 stars

Posted by Jermaine June 20, 2015

I was referred to Russell by a friend, I spoke to several other attorneys first but decided to go with him because his first thoughts were “lets take this to trial”. I didn’t want to do that, but I loved this aggressive approach when most other attorney’s seemed a little more timid about a trial.

After months went by and we couldn’t work out a deal with the state it was time for the final court date and this is where he shined. Russell explained to me the entire process, we picked a jury, planned out a strategy together, then had the actual jury trial. The man is charismatic, well spoken and smart. all of this is important because the jury LOVED him. His opening and closing arguments, as well as his cross examinations were flawless, doing everything possible to create reasonable doubt.

Thanks to Russell I was found not guilty, but regardless I was so impressed by his performance that I told him half way through the trial, win or lose you’ve done right by me. I would recommend this man to anyone who has a legal issue, he has an aggressive approach that can only benefit you.


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