We went to trial for DUI and the man was a beast! 5.0 stars

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    Jan 01, 1970

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    I was referred to Russell by a friend, I spoke to several other attorneys first but decided to go with him because his first thoughts were “lets take this to trial”. I didn’t want to do that, but I loved this aggressive approach when most other attorney’s seemed a little more timid about a trial.

    After months went by and we couldn’t work out a deal with the state it was time for the final court date and this is where he shined. Russell explained to me the entire process, we picked a jury, planned out a strategy together, then had the actual jury trial. The man is charismatic, well spoken and smart. all of this is important because the jury LOVED him. His opening and closing arguments, as well as his cross examinations were flawless, doing everything possible to create reasonable doubt.

    Thanks to Russell I was found not guilty, but regardless I was so impressed by his performance that I told him half way through the trial, win or lose you’ve done right by me. I would recommend this man to anyone who has a legal issue, he has an aggressive approach that can only benefit you.