Dedicated, experienced, and will work hard for you – got my case dismissed! 5.0 stars

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    Jan 01, 1970

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    Russ is great – he helped me deal with a first time DUI, the first time I’d ever been in any trouble with the law. I was panicked and confused (not to mention clueless about the Florida laws) and he helped me from day 1 before I had even paid him. He advised me on immediately obtaining a business purpose license so I didn’t go without driving at all, and worked his experience and expertise to examine all the factors / evidence and eventually get my case dismissed. I would have paid hundreds or thousands more had I plead on my own, and likely would have ended up on probation. He will also work with you on a payment plan if your budget is tight, which was especially good for me. He will explore every aspect of your case to ensure you don’t get taken advantage of by the courts, and he definitely saved me months of hassle and a ton of money (had I been convicted). He’s also very personable and easy to talk to. Definitely recommend; he’ll have your back!